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NegevHPC Computational Resources Grant

NegevHPC Motivation

Computational resources of NegevHPC are dedicated for solving tasks from research and development done by academic and research institutions in collaboration with Israel Atomic Energy Commission (IAEC).

How could you obtain computational resources at the NegevHPC’s systems?

Terms and Conditions for renting computational resources

There are general terms and conditions for renting computational resources on the computer system for high performance computing. You should follow said terms while using NegevHPC.

Accounting is done in normalized core hours.

Grant competitions

Grant competition results are announced three times a year (February, June, October).

If you wish to submit an application, please file it at least a month prior to the announcement dates (i.e. January, May, September) in order for the process to remain on schedule.

An application can be filed at any time using electronic form.

Computing time is assigned based on an assessment by NegevHPC.

Results will be published in NegevHPC website accordingly.

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